Among the many objects telling the century-old history of Fratelli Bonvini, there is a big and valuable collection of Campo Grafico, which we found at the time of the renovation of our shop. The magazine was founded in 1933 by the versatile Attilio Rossi (1909 – 1994). Campo Grafico was a highly innovative magazine, brave and able to go beyond conventions and the inhibited style of the typographic art of its time. Attilio Rossi created the magazine when he was just 24 years old in an attempt to explore new creative paths of typographic art and to propose the Bauhaus experiences and the new artistic trends that were developing in Europe. Today, Campo Grafico is exhibited in the greatest design museums all over the world. It was originally published in 66 issues, whose mission it was to spread the versatility of typography and the influence of modernity. It also expressed a strong criticism towards the competing magazine, “Risorgimento Grafico”, directed at the time by typographer Raffaello Bertieri, who was considered redundant and conservative. If you are interested, almost the whole collection of Campo Grafico (the last issue was published in 1939) will soon be available for consultation in our shop. Not a single issue of Risorgimento Grafico was found in the shop – this could mean that Fratelli Bonvini preferred and supported less conventional compositions, as the many and eclectic stereotypes in our drawers reveal.