There is one font that for decades has always accompanied illustrated images on postcards: the Veltro, designed by Nebiolo art studio in 1934 and produced until 1961. The history and the stories of this font, characterized by a sophisticated design and a very widespread use, are collected in the last edition of the magazine TIPOITALIA, published by Fondazione Tipoteca Italiana in a very interesting research article written by Riccardo De Franceschi. Our drawers are plenty of Veltro typefaces and we have used it in the past in our postcard production featuring the nearby Piazza San Luigi, or Corso Lodi, or Milan. Take a look at your old postcards. How many of them used the Veltro font in the title? If you send us your postcards we will be more than happy to publish them. And if you have many, we can dedicate a whole shop window to them.