Monday, June 6th, at 18.00 we will inaugurate the exhibition “Monografia”. 12 works by Nazzareno Guglielmi inspired on one single object: the golden ratio.
1.6180: an irrational algebraic number which, due to its mathematical and geometric features, has often represented – in different historical and cultural moments – both an ideal of beauty and a possible connection between macrocosm and microcosm, between universe and nature. Together with distinguished guests (Fibonacci, Magritte, Leonardo, ecc.), Nazzareno Guglielmi develops his own poetic and artistic research on the golden ratio, filling the eye and the mind of the audience with new questions and curiosity. A card/artwork by Nazzareno Guglielmi will be printed during the event and given as a gift to participants. We’ll be expecting you at 18.00 – via Tagliamento 1, Milan